VBL @ King of The Rock Alcatraz 2011

Good Luck to my boys, Clutch, CY aka Dragon and Mark aka “The Heart”. We were standing 10 strong last year but this time only our 3 small guards are there representing. I know they will hold it down strong once again as they are true warriors! Too bad Big Shel had to go back overseas…

Playing in Alcatraz is no joke, matter of fact those are gotta be the worst conditions to play a game after a snowing blizzard. The fog enables you to see the rim from the 3 point line, the air is so wet it is impossible to get grip, it’s so cold it burns your lungs and your fingertips get num and it’s a live show so you have to time for warm ups or anything. YOU GOTTA BE OVER READY! Us Cali boys not use to all that, maybe the Russian could be the favorite!

Will see but this should be exciting. Also shoutout to my boy GSmith who came to play a few games @ VBL this summer. Can’t wait to see that re-match VS Clutch in the original bracket. Don’t forget to put on a show!

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