WCBL Showcase @ Oakwood Park

Curt Pickering and J Boogie organized a showcase at Oakwood Park this week end to display the talent the league has to offer. Talent there was! 7 footers, amazing athletes, lightning speed guards and great camaraderie. VBL Sunblock Team came and represent along with The Grinch. The Refs were at their best and got us for every call. We lost our first game and won our 2nd with a buzzer beater by the man they call “porky” from a great pass under the basket from “crackers and cheese”. J Boogie came up with a big 4pt play to give his team a 1 pt lead with 8 sec on the clock. We had a blast measuring ourselves once again at a professional level and showing off what Sunblock is made of.

“7nSum Change” fresh out the club

2 of the best teams in Drew league

Grinch in The Mix

7 says “not in here”…

Boogy about to take over..

Hooptainers Repn Venice!

DJ Asoyolo keeping in crunck

Sunblock getting loose

The team that took us down.. They play good basketball. pg#33 is nice!

Aso took 3 stitches to the head.. No blood no foul