Tanjareen on skates at the Nike 3on3!

Last weekend’s Nike 3on3 Tournament was so much fun! Located on the streets of the Staples Center; the weather, the sponsors, the Scratch Academy DJs, the performers, the skills contests, and the games were incredible.  And Saturday’s Slam Dunk contest was BANANAS!  Waaaay better than what the NBA All Stars have shown us lately (take notes, Shannon Brown).  Big shout-out to Mouthpiece for emceeing the dunks, & to Airdogg for being the only contestant there to rep California.

This year’s 3on3 match-ups were intense. DB & I had a wonderful time hosting them!  The VBL had several very talented teams involved & ALL our guys played hard.  (Shout-out to Team Advantage, The Mean Ones, Sunblock, VBL Hoop Hogz, VBL NoTikiTak, Venice Ballers, Mostly Retired, & The BallPlayers).  It’s no surprise to me that a group of OUR guys won it all. Congratulations to the VBL Goon Squad (& their obvious MVP, Shakes)!  They played 7 games in 2 days & won over $10,000 in cash & prizes each…and with a FEMALE coach!  I am sooo proud of the VBL!!!

Air Dogg, Tanjareen, DB, & Zig Zag

DB, Scott Hanley (VP of LA Live events), and Tanjareen

Byron Russell (former NBA player), Tanjareen, & Damon Lanier of THE BALLPLAYERS

Tanjareen and the YOUTH BALLPLAYERS

Tanjareen and her cousins Darren and Darae

Team Advantage in the finals


Sidney Faison, Nick Ansom, and The Grinch on the sidelines

Dante and Vic Battle of THE PEOPLES’ LEAGUE

Tanjareen and filmmaker Will Utley

final dunk set-up

that amazing final dunk of the SLAM DUNK CONTEST

Donnie (CEO of HOOPLOVE APPAREL) and Clipper Darryl

the game-winning free-throw by Shakes

THE VBL GOON SQAUD wins it all!!

See ya at the beach,

Tanjareen – The VBL Queen