Nike 3on3 FREE Regional Tournament @ Pan Pacific Park, Venice Beach and HAX

Anyone in High School 18 and under are to participate in this tournament. Will be a great event and a nice preview to what is coming up @ Staples Center in early August.

This Tuesday Venice Beach get ready to rock with The Best from The VBL 2pm call time… 2 or 3 games guarantee with loosing bracket that gives you a second chance. Free food and drinks DJ Ansom and DJ Sleeper rockin out and The legendary Mouthpiece with the play by play. You best be ready.

Game never stops and we take you to the biggest indoor gym in LA. Be there by 11 to sign up. Good opportunity for the gym rats shooters to really prove what you are maid of.

That being said bring 2 or 3 of your friends and come participate in these great FREE tournaments and make a name for yourself because we will be talking about YOU.