JBL Pro Am League

JBL has to be the best league in Los Angeles ( No disrespect to Drew League or Say No). It happens all day in the heart of Hollywood @ Hollywood High. Lots of pros from over seas, nba players, streetball all stars, Vbl finests and old school veterans. JB runs the show and find your favorite Ref Mike D anouncing the games. DJ Alcatraz steady holding it down. One thing i noticed is that there is a very thin line between NBA caliber players and someone serious about basketball and some underdogs that might not even play pro anywhere will prove that to you

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Its free for all so when you get to orange off sunset bust a right, get yourself a double double animal style from IN N OUT and go watch some great basketball.

Support your local BALLERS…

JBL has been running 10 years stong with steady highlights yet it was the best video i could find on youtube… Stay tuned for more

Keith Closs has been one of the main attraction, catch him ballin at the beach with us…