Will Smith was the man when he came out with The Fresh Prince, this guy did it all but there is nothing like being new in the game.  Basketball in  the 90’s was the best. It was hyped, fresh and cool.

Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson on the same team is amazing enough. Throw in there guys like Barkley, Ewing, Robinson, Malone, etc, etc… and it’s… well… a DREAM.
I was incredibly into basketball in the early 90s. I was a Bulls fan and a Michael Jordan fan, and at this point the Bulls were just coming off their second championship. I was so incredibly excited for the Olympic games that I couldn’t hardly contain myself. McDonalds was giving away Dream Team basketball cards, plus I was collecting all of the other cards I could get my hands on as well.

I loved the Dream Team concept when it first came out. Most everyone did. You took 11 of the best players (except for Isiah Thomas) to have represented the golden age of NBA basketball and formed a team, as much dominate as they were ambassadors.

Can’t forget our main man that made the Showtime so special “MAGIC” and that does so much good to our great City of Angels…