E League balls hard/ Lookout for E Kids audition

Every sunday Crossroads high school hosts the Entertainers league. The competition is really good and the league is ran really professionally.

They try to make fun of B Knight and his son for some reason when these guys get constant highlights in the VBL. They also say that they talk a lot of smack over anyone in the league but they surely can back it up. Its a powerful father and son duo

The Entertainment League is a division of Entertainment League Productions. The E League formerly operated as the NBA Entertainment League for 11 seasons. The NBA Entertainment League was featured in an article in the American Way magazine.The E League’s co-founders are Shane Duffy and Felisa Israel. As NBA Director of Entertainment Marketing, Shane helped create the NBA Entertainment League. For 12 seasons, he has managed the Entertainment League and has served as the League’s Commissioner. Additionally, Shane has coordinated product placement and licensing in film and television, and brokered deals between motion picture studios and the NBA. He served as NBA liaison during national broadcasts, a position critical to the seamless coordination of game presentations to millions of households.

The E Kids is a great opportunity for all kids to get noticed and showcase their talent
Master classes and auditions for the E-Kidz dance team March 20th and 21st!